Honors Program

The Commonwealth Honors Program at Framingham State University is designed to provide academically talented students with the opportunity to enrich their educational experience with courses both within and outside of their major program of study.

Courses bearing the "Honors" designation are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and are designed to be intensive and intellectually challenging. Honors courses draw upon students' analytical and creative talents. Designed for a maximum enrollment of 20 students, honors courses aim to foster in-depth class discussion and a close student-instructor relationship.

Spotlighting the Honors Program

Alumni Spotlight
Erin Tracy
Erin Tracy '16

Psychology and Early Childhood Education

"I really enjoy research,” says senior Erin Tracy, a Psychology and Early Childhood Education double major who completed her thesis on the emotional well-being and educational outcomes of children in foster care.

Alumni Spotlight
Kourosh Ghamary
Kourosh Ghamary '17

Biology Major

One of Ghamary’s favorite memories was the freshman honors retreat on Thompson Island. “We played volleyball, had a bonfire and played a late-night game of manhunt."

Alumni Spotlight
Julianne DeWolfe
Julianne DeWolfe '16

Psychology/Early Childhood Major

“I was really excited when I was invited to join the honors program,” remembers Julianne DeWolfe, a graduate who was a Psychology/Early Childhood Education major.